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Community description:All Yu-Gi-Oh! All The Time
Welcome to FYEAHYGO! I'd like to consider this a sister community of sorts to playthedamncard - a more crack-focused (though does include other things) community! It's been around for a long time and there's no reason why you can't be a member of both!

This community is for all types of fans! Want to talk about characters? Go! Analysis! Go on! Cards and your favourite deck! Go on ahead! Crack or serious! Of course!

This community is for fans of Duel Monsters, GX, 5Ds, and the newest series to join: Zexal. You may also discuss Abridged (such as if a new episode is released, post a single entry for members to discuss).

And of course, with great power comes great responsibility: Rules.

- Current moderator is [personal profile] dreamstar. If there's anything you need, first address this entry. This includes complaints, suggestions or just general feedback. If there is no response within a week, then please PM your moderator.

- NO WANK. You must display respect to each other. If you have a grudge or something against another member, maintain some respect and adult behaviour in this community. This is a playground for YGO fans, not a war-zone. Disagree with someone? Do so respectfully. This means no insulting other members.

- You may discuss decks or the card-games. After all, that's pretty much a big chunk of what Yu-Gi-Oh! is.

- You may not discuss things unrelated to Yu-Gi-Oh! This includes really digging deep to find a Yu-Gi-Oh connection.

          -> Example: "I saw this guy at work who looked like [character]!"

          -> Example: "This character on [X] totally made me think of [character]!" (Exceptions are analysis or actualy discussion purposes. Otherwise save this sort of talk for your personal journal)

- Selling posts are accepted, but there must be at least one actual Yu-Gi-Oh related merchandise in the entry (not "this made me think of...")

- Yaoi/Shonen-Ai, Yuri-/Shoujo-Ai, Straight or even Friendship-only are all welcome here. No ship or character bashing in this community allowed.

- NOT WORK SAFE IMAGES MUST BE LINKED ELSEWHERE OR BEHIND A CUT. No exceptions. Your entry will be automatically deleted without warning and you will receive a strike if you do not obey this rule. ALSO POST IT AS MEMBERS ONLY

- Graphics are allowed. No more than 3 icons outside of a cut per entry. No image larger than 400x400 pixels are allowed.

- You may not post "related" posts in a 5-day time-span. (What this means: If you post a sales entry, you must wait 5 days before you can post another. If you post graphics, either post them all in one entry, or wait 5 days before posting your next. This goes for fanfiction, as well.

Advertisments to other communities and meme's must be Yu-Gi-Oh related and will only be accepted once a month.

Videos/AMVs may be posted, but only one may be outside of a cut.

How to do cuts:

- BY JOINING THIS COMMUNITY YOU ARE ACCEPTING ALL RULES. You will get a "strike" if you break any rules. Your third strike will be your last and you will be banned. If a moderator has to tell you to fix your entry, you will get a warning. Two warnings = a strike.
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